Our Story

Purpose evolves from the strangest of places. While preparing a Toast to the Groom for a close friend, I needed a project to distract from the writing process. Seeing a dining table on the wedding registry, I was reminded of how important my own kitchen table was in my family growing up, and the importance of gathering places in our homes. Wishing the same memories for my friends, the challenge was set.

When the wedding day came, the table was finished, created from the desire to craft something truly beautiful that would last a lifetime of family and adventures. As for the speech, it recalled the onerous task of joining together two pieces of wood, not so perfectly, to create a strong bond.

Building that table became a calling to craft unique pieces that tell the story of the lives they are made for. Every piece from Oleson Woodshop comes from that feeling of gathering with my own family around that old kitchen table, slowly figuring out how to create a life of passion, not always so perfectly, but, much like that first table, one worth the hard work and dedication.